Generating enough energy to supply 200,000 homes each year.

We have a grid connection agreement to supply 740 MW.

Demand for electricity is projected to double by 2050.

Over the next three decades, the country needs to undergo a clean energy transformation to combat to climate change and enhance energy security. We must change the way we power our homes and businesses, get around and manage our resources while boosting our supply of clean energy.

The UK has committed to reducing carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050 and fully decarbonising the power supply by 2035. This means that older forms of power generation, such as the coal-fired power station at High Marnham, are being taken out of use and need to be replaced with renewable energy sources.

At the same time, we will rely more and more on electricity in our daily lives. As petrol cars and gas boilers are being phased out, electricity will play a much bigger role in powering our vehicles and heating our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses.

That means there is an urgent need for clean, affordable ways of generating energy. One Earth Solar Farm could make a significant contribution to this goal by producing enough energy for more than 200,000 homes each year.

To meet our climate change targets, the government is calling for a five-fold increase in solar energy, from 14 GW to 70 GW by 2035. To understand how much energy that is, we need to put these numbers in context: